Book private dancelessons

You progress fast by taking private dance lessons because you get corrected in all details and get tricks and advice specialized only for you.

You can choose to book a private lesson alone or with a dancepartner.
Choosing a lesson alone gives you the unique opportunity to dance with a professional so you also can feel how the dance has to feel.

Choose private lessons if:
• you can’t participate in a regular class
• you want to add more to your regular classes and go into details, f.ex. with your leading/following technique
• you want to surprise your partner with a fun dance lesson (or give it to your partner as a gift certificate)
• you want to learn special techniques like bodymovement, steps/shines, lady styling etc.
• you want to practice for a competition or similar.

Private lessons cost 575 DKK for 1 person, 750 DKK for a couple (60 min), including booking of danceroom.
You get a discount when booking 10 hours.

Please contact or tel. 25337740 for booking.

Enjoy life – Dance, Smile & Socialize