Bachata & Bachata Sensual

Bachata / Bachata Sensual:
A rhytmical and sensual couples dance which originates from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean which though has developed quite a lot since it spread around the world. Today you can dance Bachata Fusion, Bachata Sensual or the Dominican Bachata.

Bachata is slower than Salsa and was previously used on the Salsa dancefloors as nice ”breathers” in between the faster Salsa songs. Today Bachata Sensual has arrived and almost taken over on the Salsa scene and made it very popular. Bachata in general can be danced completely close (by leading from the inner thigh) or in more open positions. The basic step in both Fusion and Sensual is from side to side or on the spot: 1-2-3, tap, 5-6-7, tap. In the Bachata Fusion you dance on a line, stepping the steps from side to side and turning on the lines. In the Bachata Sensual style the man changes positions with the lady and goes more in circular movements which creates the dynamic in the steps and the more open positions that creates more styling and movement. The characteristics in Bachata in general are the smooth hip and bodymovements.

The Bachata music has a infectious rhythm, both romantic and funky and the dance is full of life and soul despite that the songs in it’s original form often are about a lost love. The Bachata Fusion is typically danced to romantic or funky modern Bachata music by artists like Romeo Santos etc. The Bachata Sensual is danced to both music like Prince Royce and modern pop-songs sampled with Bachata rhythms, like DJ Tronky remixes.

Bachata Sensual is also adding body rolls, hip rolls, head rolls and dips etc for the lady primeraly which the man leads. There are borrowed elements from other dance style like Zouk, Kizomba and Salsa (Crossbody style).

World famous instructor in Bachata Fusion are Ataca y La Alemana (Jorge & Tanya) and in Bachata Sensual it’s Korke & Judith (who invented the style) or Daniel & Desiree.


The Dominican Bachata (as it’s danced by the Caribbean people) is faster with a lot of footwork and the basic step is danced in a square.  The Dominican music style is the old Dominican Bachata music defined by the very characteristic guitar.

Example of Bachata Sensual with Korke & Judith:


Example of Bachata Sensual with Daniel & Desiree:

Example of Bachata Fusion show optræden med Ataca & Alemana:

Example of Dominican Bachata:

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