Sign up & payment

Please register for all dance classes and workshops before you pay for the class (this is to secure your spot in the class).

You do this by sending us an e-mail to or texting to tel. 25337740.

Prices for a trial lesson or drop in class:
If you wish to have a trial lesson before registrering for a whole season – or if you just want to drop-in during a season –  you only pay 100 DKK.

Of course the amount will be deducted from your class fee if you then choose to register for the whole season.


Payment details:

Nordea Bank: 1329 account no. 0292 613 338
Remember to add your name and class when you pay into the account.

Mobile Pay:
Please transfer by Mobile Pay to code: 79710. If any errors, please try to update your Mobile Pay app.


Rules regarding payment/refund/compensation:
Please pay for your class before the season starts. If you don’t have access to a Danish bank account or in any case of breakdown on electronic devices we receive cash but please pay in the beginning of the season.

Registration and payment are binding and is only valid for the current season! That means that if you have signed up for the class you are obligated to pay for the class, even if you don’t start – unless you unsubscribe by e-mail or text message before the first class! Once the class has started your money can not be refunded or postponed for another season (if you should be unfortunate to prevented from participating)!

Of course we’ll try as best as possible to help you in another way, f. ex. by giving you the option to compensate missed lessons at a similar level in the same season if it doesn’t lead to an uneven balance between male/female in that class. Please make an agreement with your instructor in advance!

As as student at Salsabine Dance Studio you will also have access to videos of the dance combination from the class you’re attending so that you can still practice at home and prepare for the next class, even if you missed one.

Of course the dance school refunds your money if we choose to cancel a class.

It is your responsability to make sure to participate in the season you have registered for – both for the sake of the other class students, for the people who might have been on a waiting list for the class and not least in consideration for yourself and your learning progress.

Enjoy life – Dance, Smile & Socialize