Salsa festivals

If you are interested in travelling abroad to experience Salsa (and Bachata, Kizomba etc) and you are curious to learn more, there are many salsa festivals (also called congresses) all over the world all year around.

You can travel alone, together with your current salsa friends or in a new group.

Festivals are intensive weekends with people from other countries who loves dancing like you. You can participate in workshops during the day at all levels, dance your heart out at big social parties in the evening and get entertained with dance performances by world famous instructors. You can get new acquaintances or just get to know your own travel buddies better.

Some festivals offer you live music, boot camps, dance competitions, pre- and after partys, pool partys etc.
There are many variations of Salsa festivals: the traditional one (at a hotel in a city where you can combine sightseeing, shopping and dancing), at a holiday resort in the summer sun, on a cruise, in an underground cave etc.

You can also choose to travel to Cuba, New York or Los Angeles, depending on which dancestyle you wish to explore.

Or travel to the bigger cities of Europe like Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam or London – or go to capitals around the world and look up Salsa clubs and salsa schools.

Enjoy life – Dance, Smile & Socialize