The dance school

The Salsabine Dance school was created in 2005 by Sabine Boesen and teaches Salsa, Mambo and Bachata Sensual.

The school is specialised in Bachata Sensual and the Crossbody Salsa style which is the most danced Salsa style in the world. You can choose to dance Salsa on the “1” beat in the music (L.A.Style/On1) or on the “2” beat (N.Y.Style/Mambo On2).

The dance school has several employees and is situated at Noerrebro in Copenhagen.

To constantly upper the level and offer you the best education Sabine and her employees regularly obtain new inspiration from the international Salsa scene. The dance school is well respected for the great dance techniques and the educational and happy form of teaching. The instructor team  are all passionate about the dance and about creating an evolving and positive dancing scene of high quality – and as people they are very likeable among students as well as other dancers and instructors.

Enjoy life – Dance, Smile & Socialize