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Sabine Boesen


Sabine Boesen is the founder and leader of Salsabine Dance Studio which was founded in 2005.

Sabine is out of a family with own dance school called Gottliebsen Danseinstitut which was situated at Falkoner Allé, Frederiksberg, owned by Sabine’s great grandmothers sister Johanne Gottliebsen.

As a child, teenager and young adult Sabine danced childrens dancing, jazzballet, hip hop, street dance and freestyle. In 1999 she started with Salsa and today she dances all Salsa styles (L.A.Style/On1, On2, Cuban Style, Rueda de Casino and Cuban Son) and other dances from the Salsa scene: Bachata, Kizomba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Pachanga, Reggaeton, Merengue etc.

In 2010 Sabine was certified as a Zumba intructor.

Sabine has through her Salsa career wun gold and silver medals in Danish and Scandinavian competitions in both Salsa and Bachata.

She has collaborated with Running Dinner (dating site), Salsa Latina (the biggest Salsa union in Denmark), Rigshospitalet, several fitness centers, Copenhagen Carnival and the Copenhagen Municipality.

Sabine has also participated in several TV and radio shows and interviews in magasins.

Her education & knowledge of Salsa and Bachata comes from multiple travels abroad which includes dance lessons with the most famous and recognized Salsa instructors from New York, L.A., Milan, Barcelona, Paris and Cuba. Both at their own dance schools and at countless Salsa festivals all over Europe. On top of that she has visited Salsa clubs in many parts of the world and travelled to Puerto Rico (in the Caribbean) and New York City to discover the roots of Salsa music.

Sabine has taken classes with the most famous instructors of the Salsa scene:
Eddie Torres (N.Y.), Yamulee & Karel Flores (N.Y.), Santo Rico (N.Y.), Griselle Ponce (N.J.), Luis Vazquez og Johnny Vazquez (L.A./Mexico), Mouaze & Ella (Paris), Adolfo Indacochea & Tania Cannarsa (Milan), Juan Matos, Amneris Martinez (N.Y./Milan), Oliver Pineda – many times world champion (Australia), Adrian & Anita – many times world champions (Barcelona), Terry & Cécile (Paris), Frankie Martinez (N.Y.), Maykel Fonts (Cuba), Seo Fernandez (Cuba/Milan), Ataca y la Alemana (Jorge & Tanja), Pablo & Raquel, Mario & Desi (Bailalocura) etc.

Sabine teaches together with Jens Kvist (known for his NonStop Bachata Events) at the Bachata Sensual beginner and intermediate1 levels. At the higher Bachata levels Sabine is teaching with Maykel. At the Salsa classes Sabine is joined by the wonderful assistents Christian Søeborg, Barney Hornsdal, Maykel and Nick (all former students at dance school).

Enjoy life – Dance, Smile & Socialize