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Emiel Nørkjær Luck
Emiel Nørkjær LuckSalsa On1 and Bachata Sensual
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"Sabine has a way to teach that makes you hungry for more and makes you go home with a smile on your face – every time! The focus is on the detail and a pedagogical approach which is based on the level and personality of the students. In just 7 months I have gone from not knowing a single step to engage in dance as one of the most important things in my life. There’s simply nothing like it to end the day on a dancefloor and go home afterwards with a smile on your face, peace in your head and a stubborn rhythm in your feed."
Anne Grønlund
Anne GrønlundSalsa On1, Mambo On2 and Bachata Sensual
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"I can only become crazily happy after a dance class with Sabine. She is highly professional, always prepared, positive and happy. The classes are done in a relaxed atmosphere with room for smile and laughter – my get-away where I get my batteries re-charged and always leave the class happier than when I arrived. I keep coming back to her classes because I feel I get the whole package."
Pia Horn Nielsen
Pia Horn NielsenSalsa On1 and Bachata Sensual
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"Classes you don’t want to miss! Technique and inspiration are TOP! What you have learned and danced in class is put in a closed group so we can practice at home and get inspiration from the other classes. Sabine is organized and dedicated to what she does. Full of joy in her classes. Her way to teach has made me feel safe to develop in the dance."
Nicole Yasmina Zitouni Sørensen
Nicole Yasmina Zitouni SørensenBachata Sensual, Salsa On1 and Mambo On2
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"Sabine’s classes have been the foundation of my dancing where I have felt welcome as I was in a social environment and with space to play. It’s detailed teaching of quality where leads and movement is explained through roughly, so you really learn to dance, both technical and with understanding for the musical aspect. Sabine always appears with a smile and energy and she creates an atmosphere which is open and warm for all ages and genders."
Ole Verner Haack
Ole Verner HaackBachata Sensual
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"Here is the best instructor in Denmark – step by step, anyone can follow. The young and the experienced – and those who learn through encouragement."
Cecilie Hvidbak Østergaard
Cecilie Hvidbak ØstergaardBachata Sensual
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"As one who comes from the professional dance world (Ballet dancer at the Danish Royal Ballet) the change to social dancing was a big shift. But after the first class with Sabine I was in love with the dance style and the dance school. Sabine is smiling, patient and welcoming. Classes with her make room for laughter and expression yet with a sense of thoroughness which is reflected through her love for dancing. She can customize the teaching to each student while still motivating you to become better. On a social dancefloor you get drawn when seeing her dancing. Sabine is very active in the social dance community and her social dance activities are always fun and a pleasure!"
Mariana Aidi Hallstrøm
Mariana Aidi HallstrømBachata Sensual
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"Sabine is so talented and has given me the joy for dancing back. Always teaching with a smile and encouragement to make you succeed. Thank you!"

Salsa & Bachata dancing is also for you..

The Salsa community is also for YOU! You don’t need a dance partner to register for our classes.

With us you can dance Salsa, Mambo, Bachata & Bachata Sensual. We keep up with the development of the dances and provide the best techniques to really make you learn to DANCE!

Today the dance school has several employees and is situated in Noerrebro area of Copenhagen. To constantly improve our level and offer the best teaching Sabine and her team regularly catch up on new inspiration from the international Salsa & Bachata scene.

The dance school is respected for our dance techniques, our pedagogical, experienced and cheerful teaching, the good atmosphere in the classes, and our likeable instructor team who all are passionate about the dance and for creating and evolving and positive dance environment of a high standard.

Dance event by the Copenhagen skyline

Dance event by the Copenhagen skyline

We regularly (twice a month) make dance parties for everyone. Whether you are a complete beginner or routined dancer – and whatever dance school you attend.

Come and enjoy beautiful music, an amazing big dance floor and view over the Copenhagen skyline. Dance yourself happy and meet a lot of people sharing your happiness and passion for dancing.

Salsabine Sommerdans - Salsa, Mambo & Bachata

Salsabine Social Club - Salsa & Mambo

Salsabine Social Club - Bachata Sensual

Mambo On2 class

Salsa On1 class

Bachata Sensual class