About the dance studio

Salsa, Mambo & Bachata

Salsa, Mambo & Bachata

Salsabine Dance Studio was started and run by Sabine Dybro Boesen since 2005.

In 2022 she has handed over the danceclasses to Salsabine Association (Salsabine Danseforening). Still we offer the same great teaching, atmosphere and expertise. Sabine will still be the main instructor and source of inspiration. Sabine is still the most central instructors and source of inspiration

We teach Salsa, Mambo and Bachata, both partnerwork and individually dancing. The school is specialized in Bachata Sensual and Salsa Crossbody style On1 & On2, which are the most danced Salsa styles worldwide.

Today we have several instructors and assistants teaching at the dance classes which are located in the Noerrebro area of Copenhagen.

To constantly improve our level and offer the best classes we regularly catch up on new inspiration from the international Salsa & Bachata scene.

The dance school is respected for our dance techniques, our pedagogical, experienced and cheerful teaching, the good atmosphere in the classes, and our likeable instructor team who all are passionate about the dance and for creating an evolving and positive dance environment of a high standard.

Whether you are a new beginner or experienced dancer, our goal is to make you feel recognized and safe, step by step to lead you through the dancing universe and to give you a solid base which forms the foundation for a higher dance level. We make you grow step by step and motivate you to evolve and learn more.

At our dance studio you can bring your dancing to the level you wish for:

  • To have a fun hobby and become part of a big social network where you meet new and happy people
  • To experience a positive and personal development (both on a mental and physical level) – and maybe even before you realize that it is what is happening as you are just enjoying the dance and music
  • To become so fond of the dances that you intensively engage in the dances through classes, private lessons and practice the whole week in the active dance community
  • To travel abroad dancing with likeminded people to get fun travel experiences and new dance inspiration at an international level
  • We also have former students who has ended up assisting and teaching for our dance school and a few who themselves have become instructors in Denmark.