Private lessons

Learn quickly!

Book a private session alone or with your partner

Alone or with a partner

You learn quickly by taking private classes because you get corrected at all the details and get tricks and advice especially adapted to you – and you can choose to book a private session alone or with a partner.

If you book for yourself, you get the opportunity to dance with a professional so that you can feel how the dance should feel like. Take private lessons, if:

  • You don’t have the opportunity to participate in regular classes
  • You want to add on to your regular classes and get in details, f.ex. about leading/following
  • You want to surprise your wpartneith a fun dance class (or give it as a gift certificate)
  • You want to learn special details (like bodymovements, handpositions, steps, lady styling etc)
  • You want to practice for competition or similar
Please notice that we currently are closed for bookings of private lessons due to maternaity leave. Booking re-opens from September 2023. You can still book regular classes and workshops at the dance school.