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Typically, you start at a Salsa Crossbody intermediate 1 level (if you have an intermediate or higher intermediate level in Cuban Salsa) or an intermediate 2 level (if you have an advanced level of Cuban Salsa).

Unless you only have danced a season or two in a Cuban Salsa class then you would normally start at a beginner class to get the right technique and training from start.

As we also at Salsabine Dance Studio have danced Cuban Salsa, we can explain you the differences to the steps, your positioning to your partner or how you best lead and follow the different styles.

Get a discount when participating in several classes a week. To get the discount, please put the classes in the basket and the system will calculate your discount. To get a studetn discount please fill in “student discount” in the formular.

1 class a week: See the class schedule as it can variate from season to season.

2 classes a week: 100 DKK in discount of the total amount.

3 classes a week: 200 DKK in discount of the total amount.

Student discount

Get 10 % in discount on your weekly classes – bring your valid student card at your first lesson. Please notice that there is no student discount on workshops or private lessons.

No, you don’t need to sign up with a a partner to participate in our classes. Many register for the classes alone, regardless of gender, and we make sure to balance the classes with equal leaders & followers as good as possible It’s also a social dance so we motivate people tojoin the partner change during the classes so that you also quickly get to know the others in the class. Of course if you prefer you can dance with your own dancepartner. Please mention at your registration (there’s a comment field at the registration where you can note this)..

Read about this in the menu under “Dance” / “levels”.

Yes! 🙂 As a beginner we recommend you to come for a trial lesson the 1. or 2. time in a season. If you drop-in later it might be too difficult to follow the class. You book a trial lessson under the menu “Dance” / Registration/dance classes”. When you register, please write in the comment field which class you wish to attend, as we try our best to balance amount of followers/leaders.

If hereafter you wish to attend the full season you get a discount-code to use when booking the rest of the class online.

You are always welcome to pass by during the dance season and take a look if you are doubting which level to sign up to or just want to meet the instructors or see how the classes work. But please write an e-mail beforehand to

Please search for the group Salsabine Forum on Facebook and request to become a member. We will then add you to the group. Please be aware that this group is ONLY for students. If you have a different name on Facebook than the one you signed up with, please let us know, or else we might not know it’s you.

If there is a day or multible times that you cannot join the class, please cancel and in as good time as possible (latest at 4pm the same day) to e-mail: or text to mobile 25337740. 

This is so that we have a chance to balance the classes with equal leaders & followers from time to time.