Mambo On2 Intermediate Wednesday Oct-Dec – starts March 3rd 2021

DKK 850.00



Wednesdays October 28th – December 16th 2020 (8 times)

At 7:35 pm – 9:00 pm

At Kulturhuset Støberiet, Kapelvej 44, 1st floor, Cph. N.

2 Instructors: Sabine Dybro Boesen & Patrick Wasswa

Price: 850 DKK (or 765 DKK for students with a valid Student card)

IF Salsabine Socials restarts again after the Covid-19, we will skip March 17th and April 21st 2021 and you’ll instead get free access to Salsabine Social party on those evenings.

Additional information


Follower (woman), Leader (Man)