Salsa Lady Styling Wednesday November 8th 2023

kr. 150.00

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Wednesday November 8th 2023.

TIME: at 6:00pm-7:25pm

LOCATION: At Kulturhuset Støberiet, Kapelvej 44, 1st floor, Cph. N.

INSTRUCTOR: Sabine Dybro Boesen

PRICE: 150 DKK (no extra charge but neither no discounts)

THEME: at this workshop we work on your dance technique. We teach you the right coordination with your body movement and arms in coordination with your steps and hips plus your timing and flow. Often as an intermediate dancer people tend to forget the fundamentals when you dance partnerwork and advance your combinations, or you might never had had the proper training from the beginning. But it’s in the detail that everything lies so it’s always good regardless of your level to get back to your basics. You can also join as a complete beginner.

LEVEL: beginners//improvers/all intermediate levels