Salsa On2 (Mambo) – the fundamentals Wednesday October 25th 2023 – CANCELLED

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Wednesday October 25th 2023.

TIME: at 6:00pm-7:25pm

LOCATION: At Kulturhuset Støberiet, Kapelvej 44, 1st floor, Cph. N.

INSTRUCTOR: Sabine Dybro Boesen

PRICE: 150 DKK (no extra charge but neither no discounts)

THEME: At this workshop you will learn the basic steps, simple turns and moves with a simple structure and explanation of how to move and understand the rhythm. To dance “On 2” (just like dancing Son is to Cuban dancers) needs to be felt in your body to understand the beautiful flow and calmness it gives to dance this ype of Salsa genre.

LEVEL: all who are curious, who hasn’t tried to dance Salsa On2/Mambo before, or who would like to practice the fundamentals some more.


Eddie Torres (also called the Mambo King) is the man behind of creating Mambo/On2. Genren is also callled N.Y. Style as it origins from and is danced in NYC. But the genre is danced a lot of places worldwide and at most salsa festivas in the entire world thourhout the past nearly 20 years. Many say when they have first tried it that it is actually more natural and easier to get fluent in the dance and with better balance. And that it gives more calmness/is less stressful and gives option to play with more instruments in the music.