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Sales and trading conditions

Sales and trading conditions

Salsabine v/ Sabine Dybro Boesen

CVR nr. 28959370

If in the future we offer/sell dance classes/workshops it will appear under “registration” in the menu where also the price will be stated. You will then send an e-mail to and pay by bank transfer to reg no. 9070  account no. 1633741049 (Salsabine v/ Sabine Dybro Boesen).

You will thereafter receive an e-mail with confirmation on your registration. You will only receive a reminder on your payment if it has not been received before the deadline, which will be announced together with  the info on the given class/workshop. You will not receive confirmation on your payment. Your bank transfer is your confirmation, so it can be a good idea to print it or download it.

Money is being returned to you if you in writing remember to un-subscribe the class/workshop before the time deadline, which also will be announced together with the info about the given class and registration.

Money will be refunded if the class/workshop you registrered for will be cancelled by the organizer.

If you wish to complain, you can do this by sending us an e-mail to

If in the future we will  activate online payment you will be able to pay by creditcard (and mayby also MobilePay). In this case this will be mentioned alongside the class/workshop you will be able to sign up for, and the online payment methods will be activated.