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Sales and trading conditions

Sales and trading conditions

Rules regarding payment/refunds/compensation

Payment is done by registration for a class or for an item.

Your registration and payment is binding, unless you before the 1st  lesson of a class send an e-mail with cancellation. It must be received by us at the latest the same day as you class begins and latest at 10 am.

Your enrollment cannot be swithed to a following season (if you should be so unlucky not to be able to attend).

You can compensate for missed classes at a class of matching level in the same season IF it doesn’t contribute to very uneven balance of leaders & followers in the class. Please arrange with your instructor in advance.

As a student at our dance school you also get access to videoes from your class so you can practice at home and catch up on any content you might have missed by being abscent.

If any of the instructors become ill we typically get another instructor or helper to step in. If the class gets cancelled because of illness we plan another date and time as a replacement.

The dance association of course refunds your payment if a dance class is not being started up as planned.

It is your own responsability to make sure to participate in the dance season that  you have registrated for – both in consideration for the class, for others that might be on the waiting list for the classs and didn’t get a spot, and not the least for the sake of yourself and your own learning.

If there is a day you’ll not be able to attend class please notify your instructor so we have a chance to bring in helpers/extra dancepartners. Please announce this as soon as possible and latest at 4pm on the same day of class.