Salsa & Bachata


Go on a festival and dance until you drop!!

If you are interested in travelling and you are curious to experience Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba etc. on the international dance scene and want to learn more, you can choose between many different Salsa and Bachata festivals worldwide (the big ones also called congresses), all year around. You can travel on your own, with your dance friends from your current dance class or with a whole new group of dance enthusiasts. Or with us.

Festivals are intensive dance-weekends with people from other countries who, like you, love to dance. You can participate in dance workshops during the day (mostly classes in all levels), dance at the social parties in the evenings and get entertained with dance performances with world known dance instructors. You can get new acquaintances or just get well acquainted with your travel buddies. Some festivals offer live-music, boot camps, dance competitions, pre- and after parties, pool parties etc.

There are many variants of salsa festivals: the traditional one (at a hotel in a bigger or smaller city where you can combine sightseeing & shopping with your Salsa and Bachata festival, if you have extra energy or time for more than the dancing) or combined with a sun vacation. here have been many examples throughout the time on variations of Salsa & Bachata festivals: in a resort enjoying the summer sun, on a cruise ship, in an underground cave etc. Many people also just choose the festival for the dancing and the socializing. It’s often very intensive weekends with not much time to sleep but with dancing all day and night and lots of development in your dancing skills and inspiration. Some festivals are big with several thousands of participants, other are smaller and more local.

You can also choose to travel to Cuba, New York or Los Angeles (for Salsa) or Spain (for Bachata Sensual) and The Dominican Republic (for the roots to the Dominican Bachata), depending on which style of dancing you want to elaborate. Or travel to the bigger cities in Europe like Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam and London. Or to the many capitals of the world and look up salsa schools and salsa clubs: Lots of dancing is going on in as different places as most Eastern European countries, Israel, Dubai, Japan, Australia, Asia, Central America – well, all over the world basicly.